Client Intake

Want to join MST Systems?

Our client intake form is to gauge your interest and if MST Systems online coaching is suitable for you. Please read the below information to understand how we work with programming you.

Updates to your program come in blocks every 2 weeks. Programs are provided via the TrueCoach app, where you have an account with access to your program. We expect clients to finish a training session and then complete their app with feedback before leaving the gym, this gives real time feedback of how the session went.

We offer a unique reactive programming style so without this feedback in real time you will not benefit from the programming as much. For example, if the day before your 2 week update you quickly fill out all of your sessions we will not have in time detailed feedback, therefore we wish to work with people who can commit to providing this.

All pricing information can be found on the online coaching page.

Please fill in and answer the questions on the form below. Please make sure you're happy with everything and have read all of the provided information. Unfortunately we don't have time to answer questions when everything is readily available on the site.

Please note: Shane has an upfront payment prior to a monthly debit. If you're happy with this, please continue.

If you've a specific monthly budget, we can cater to this with our coaches.

We only do 6+ month signups. We don't offer comp peak preps or short term work i.e. 6-8 weeks. Can you commit to this?

Can you commit 5 minutes post session to fill out your feedback in TrueCoach?

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Due to the amount of questions we get daily, we cannot listen to extended voice notes from every client. Questions need to be asked on WhatsApp via message only. We do not mind receiving voice notes on your update day as this time is allocated to you and your updates and can actually be helpful for us.

If you wish to send voice notes regularly outside of your update days, we can include these in your payment plan for an extra £30 per month.

Further information:

  • Updates to your program come in blocks every 2 weeks. Programs are provided via the TrueCoach app, where you have an account with all program and are able to provide feedback and videos for your coach to review
  • We have a WhatsApp group chat for every day use. This is a team chat, so a place to share training results, share videos, ask questions etc. Coaches monitor this chat and can reply regularly but please remember we are human and cannot be available 24/7
  • 1-2-1 contact with our coaches is done through WhatsApp so any help you may need between your 2 week updates you can private message us questions/queries but please note we only do video reviews on your update days and we will review them as a whole e.g we cannot give feedback on a deadlift set instantly if you DM us. You will upload to the app and we review on your update day.
  • We aren't Doctors/Physiotherapists/Chiropractors etc. Whilst we can offer some assistance with minor injuries, more serious, long term injuries will require professional help. We can work directly with your physio to implement rehab into your program at no extra cost
  • We don't offer nutrition plans as part of your program. While we can advise on basic dietary needs, we don't provide full nutrition plans. We can, in certain scenarios, help outline more detailed nutrition but we remind people this isn't really our field, but sometimes necessary to help a program's results

Please make sure you read all the information on this page, and the online coaching page to make sure you're happy with everything. 

Thank you for taking the time to read and apply, we will be in contact within 48 hours.