World's First Strongman Coaching App

Find out what's been going on behind the scenes at MST Systems lately, and more information on the World's First Strongman Coaching App from MST Systems - An app developed specifically for Strongman with unlimited potential.

How Getting Stronger Works

How does getting stronger work? Learn what happens when we train for strength, what adaptations take place in the body and how that leads to adding more kilos on to the bar with your training programmes. Does building muscle mean more strength? You may be surprised! 

How To Tyre Flip Strongman

Tyre flipping in Strongman/Strongwoman is a notorious event for bicep tears. In this video, Shane goes over technique work with tyre flips and how to safely do it with little risk to tearing your bicep

Reset PED Side Affects

Learn how fasting can "reset" your body, and possibly help reverse the side affects from PED cycles such as raised cholesterol, high blood pressure and improve insulin resistance to name a few. Looking after your health markers should be your #1 priority with PEDs, so b...

Best Training Cycle Post Comp

Just competed in a Strongman competition and unsure what to do next? This video is for you! In this video, Shane goes over the best training cycle to do post competition and get you over those post-competition blues that many people get. 

Strongman Steroid Cycle

Learn the ins and outs of your first steroid cycle for strongman athletes. In this video we go in to detail about what to think about, the positives, the negatives and everything you need to know before starting your first steroid cycle.

How to Deload for Strongman Competitions

Shane explains his deload plan going in to his next Strongman competition in five days time. Learn how to apply the same deload protocol to your own training, the benefits of it and the do's and dont's of it. Deloads are important prior to a competition to help prime yo...