Improve Your Log Press

Learn how to improve your log press for Strongman and Strongwoman with an 8 week programme guide and be shown in-depth how to build it in the MST Systems App

Arnold Strongman Classic UK Reaction

Full breakdown of the Arnold Strongman Classic UK competition and Shane's reaction to it! Each event discussed and Shane's views on the competition as a whole.

Can you win World's Strongest Man as a Natural?

Can you win the World's Strongest Man as a natural? This video discusses whether 2006's WSM Phil Pfister won it as a natural in this Natty or Not video. Shane discusses his views on it and whether it is possible, or not.

Plan your bloodwork for Strongman

Learn how to plan your blood tests around your PED cycles with your Strongman training. Bloodwork is important to making sure you're using Steroids as safely and responsibly as possible, which will not only keep your health markers in check but also ensure longevity wit...

SARMS vs Steroids for Strongman

This video discusses SARMS and Steroids and what you should and should not be doing with them. Should SARMS be used in Strongman? What are the best SARMS for Strongman? Watch this video to learn and how they compare to Steroids.

How to Train Strongman as a Teenager

Shane discusses his approach for teenagers who want to start training Strongman or Strongwoman. Learn how to best start with the goal of long term training and how the best plan for starting young

How to Improve Grip For Strongman

This video, Shane discusses how to improve your grip strength for Strongman and what to implement to improve it. Grip is a huge factor in Strongman for a lot of events, so learn what to implement once a week to massively improve your grip and other easy habits to build ...

How to Fix Deadlift Floor Speed

Learn how to increase your floor speed for the conventional deadlift. Broken down in to 3 sections to fully understand different methods on how you can implement these tips in to your own deadlift.