What Steroids To Take For Next Competition

In this video, Shane goes over what his next PED cycle will be for the next competition he's entered. He'll go over everything he takes and how much of, and the answer might surprise you!

Are You Undertraining?

Shane goes over whether or not you may be undertraining with your own training, and looks in to the three main variables that any strength program is based on - frequency, volume and intensity and how these play a vital role

Frequency Rotation Training Method

This video goes over a training method that's quite underused, but can be a valuable addition to your training regime if applied correctly.

Free 6 Week Squat Program

In this video, we go over a brutal 6 week squat program, giving it to you absolutely free. 

Strongman Sleep Apnea and Neck Training

In this video, Shane goes over his thoughts on neck training within Strongman and whether it's a good idea, or not and why sleep apnea is so apparent within the Strongman community as well.

The Best Strength Protocol You Aren't Doing

Learn about the number 1 crazy strength protocol that you aren't doing, which can blow up your own strength. In this video, we go over one simple tip you can start using in your own training on how to improve your strength massively!

BPC-157 Guide: Mixing, Dosage and Application

In this video, we go over everything BPC-157. Learn how to mix and prepare your BPC-157, with best dosage protocol and how best to use it and what to apply it to to help with injuries and recovery.

How To Fast To Lose Weight And Get Stronger

Learn how to diet with fasting to lose weight easily whilst still gaining/maintaining strength amongst other health benefits such as improving your insulin sensitivity.