About MST Bot

Ultimate Strongman Program

MST Systems and Mofo Bodymechanic have collaborated to bring the Ultimate Strongman program, providing year round programming, cycling different phases of maximal strength, rep strength, technique/execution and specific event skill work. Also included is Mofo Bodymechanic's movement preps/prehab rehab rotating every 4 weeks to keep your body healthy and balanced throughout the program.

No strength, no fee - 90 day results guaranteed!*

Mofo Bodymechanic

Included within MST Bot from Mofo Bodymechanic are warm up protocols to prepare you perfectly for the session ahead, minimise injury potential and enhance mobility for the specific session.

Mofo Bodymechanic is an Osteopath with 27 years close experience with strength athletes, supplies daily warm up routines specifically designed for strongmen to increase performance and decrease injuries.

Take advantage of MST Systems for your Strongman programming at a budget, low price programming option coupled with Mofo Bodymechanic's movement preps all in a single monthly price, to run for as long as you like with each programming week released to you every Monday on a week-by-week basis.

MST Bot is a low cost monthly subscription based service. We keep pricing simple, and your monthly payment gives you access to the MST Bot programming along with the injury prevention/rehab toolkit from Mofo Bodymechanic that rotates through the program keeping your body primed and in the best condition for the program.

The program is written out to be a 4 day training week. If you only train 3 days per week you can simply carry the 4th day over to the following week. MST Bot is constantly evolving, so it's not just the same rinse and repeat training blocks over and over. What you do in the first training block is completely different to what you do in the second block and your lifts will constantly be progressing, moulding you in to a stronger, faster, well-rounded conditioned strength athlete!

The only thing we ask is you commit to at least 3 months of MST Bot. 90 day no strength, no fee. We 100% guarantee you will have an increase in strength and enjoy this refreshing style of training or we will refund you all of the money. We are so confident that our revolutionary strength training system will help you evolve in to a new level of athlete that you didn't think was possible before. If you follow our programming perfectly, and haven't been crushing all your lifts, setting no PBs or don't notice an overall improvement in your conditioning then get in touch and we'll refund you every penny.

How it works

Using MST Bot

The program is delivered via TrueCoach, an online coaching platform which provides facilities to document and upload training feedback as a personal training log book. If you have used TrueCoach previously then you will need to either create a new TrueCoach account with a new email address or ask your previous coach to move you over to the MST Systems coach.

Who needs MST Bot?

  • Are you a Strongman/Strongwoman that loves training hard, but struggles to make consistent progress… and want to feel like a superhuman that cannot be contained?

  • Have you tried and tested all of the boring, monotonous, generic strength programs online like: 5x5; 5/3/1; Russian squat program etc to the point of exhaustion… and want something that you can run 365 days a year, written with YOU in mind and constantly evolving?

  • Have you just started to compete in Strongman, maybe have a few competitions under your belt… but you’re ready to start training like a champion with a revolutionary strength system that literally demands your body to get stronger?

  • Are you sick of strength coaches who overcharge for their lacklustre services and abilities. Sick of working from spreadsheets and gym diaries and only want to work with the best in the business?

  • Are you a Strongman, Powerlifter, or regular gym goer… that wants to have the benefit of world class coaching without the price tag attached to it?

  • Are you an athlete that’s serious about getting strong and wants to experience ungodly strength, speed and power that you never thought possible?

  • Do you find yourself often training through injuries or niggles, only for them to get worse… and want to have your own injury toolbox; a library of content specifically to keep you training healthier and harder?

  • Do you just want to set new PBs on your main lifts?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, you should try out MST Bot and finally experience what consistent, long term strength gains, to numbers you didn’t think possible, with injury management feels like.

MST Bot can be adapted for Powerlifting. A lot of the program is written aimed at Strongman, but can be adapted for Powerlifting specificity i.e. instead of axle press/log press, substitute for barbell strict/push press, skip the event training unless you want to add in farmers walk for conditioning etc.

MST Bot Price

The price for MST Bot is a low cost monthly recurring payment. For that you get a week-after-week programming available direct from your TrueCoach account, and the Mofo Bodymechanic injury toolbox included.

To put it simply, MST Systems online coaching option is currently £150 per month. Mofo Bodymechanic is £100 per month for injury rehab programs. That would be £250 per month for both. With MST Bot you're saving 90% and getting all that for £25 per month!

Again, we're that confident in MST Bot that we'll also give you the first month free to try out. No obligation, and free to cancel at the end of the month no questions asked. After the trial period you will be charged £25 a month, locked in at that price with no hidden charges, no price hikes in the future to your subscription, and free to cancel at any time.

Price Options

We want to keep it simple - one low cost monthly payment with everything you need included. No contract, no obligation, cancel at anytime subscription. The only thing we ask from you is to at least try for 3 months as we guarantee you will see results in that time.

Please read the FAQs below for any further queries about MST Bot before making your purchase.

MST Bot (Offer)

£0 for first month

First month free, then £25 a month recurring payment. No contract, cancel anytime.


What people think about MST Bot

Been chuffed to bits with the MST Bot and it's an incredible thing that's been put together. It's done wonders for my determination and focus. Thanks for all that you've done and from Mofos injury toolbox as well

Can't say enough good things about MST Bot. I feel fitter, stronger, technique is improving all the time. Compared to previous programming I've had, I love the variety offered and not getting mental fatigue of just doing the same handful of exercises week after week. No bad feedback at all for it, just really impressed with everything.

Just wanted to give some feedback to say how class MST Bot is. I failed a 65kg log push press at my first competition in September, and following MST Bot I just did that weight for a comfortable strict press tonight! I've added 10kg to my deadlift and 5kg to my squat in just a month of following it. Top work and will definitely be recommending it to all my mates at the gym

The MST Bot program is class. Been really enjoying everything about it and progressing nicely. The flexibility improvements from Mofo Bodymechanic's injury toolbox has been key for me, especially with my job. Nice one!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I substitute equipment/exercises?

    Substitutions with equipment/exercises can be made made if you don't have access to specific kit i.e. if it says lat pulldown, then substitute for pullups or bent over rows. Cable tricep pushdowns substitute for dumbbell skullcrusher or any other tricep isolation exercise. Any substitution will suffice as long as you're hitting the same muscle group.

  • How do I sign up?

    Select the subscription option above and you will be redirected to the checkout page to purchase the subscription. We will use the email address you use at checkout for your TrueCoach account, so please use an email address you're happy with us setting up for your TrueCoach account and make sure it's not already associated with a coach. Subscriptions are handled via Stripe. A secure third party payment provider. You will be redirected to Stripe to confirm your payment. You will receive access to MST Bot within 24 hours (usually faster) of purchase and will receive an email with access details.

  • How does the "Bot" work?

    It's not actually a bot. It was a name used at the beginning when we first started developing it, and it's just stuck and is what people are starting to know it by. There's nothing automated about it. The program is custom written week by week, and is constantly evolving with feedback received and watching what people upload on Instagram/TrueCoach (tagging @mstsystems or using the #mstbot hashtag) to see how the program is being used. Whilst individual feedback isn't provided, we do monitor clients' progress behind the scenes to help constantly improve the service. MST Bot was launched as a beta earlier over summer to a small intake of 30 guys. These have run a few blocks by now and we've used this initial intake to improve it massively and offer, what we know, to be the best Strongman program for your money.

  • How long should a workout take?

    This varies based on the individuals level and ability. With Mofo Bodymechanic's toolbox prep work, then warmups and the actual workout, you're looking at around 90 minutes to 2 and a half hours workouts depending on your weight selection (more warmup sets if you're lifting heavier), and if you include all the event training too.

  • Is feedback included?

    No, this is a budget programming option with no coaching feedback.

  • I'm a Powerlifter, can I run this program?

    The program is very Strongman focused with a lot of event training. A lot of it won't apply to Powerlifting specific training if that is what you are after, unless you want a more functional strength based off-season training program. However workouts can be substituted for Powerlifting specificity i.e. instead of axle press, use a barbell instead, skip the events training unless you want to add them in to improve overall conditioning etc.

  • What equipment do I need?

    The program is written as if you have access to a Strongman gym or Strongman equipment. If you are serious about wanting to get good at log, yoke, farmers etc then you ideally need to have access to this equipment. If during lockdown you can't get this equipment, then there's unfortunately no substitute for getting good at log press without a log. If, for example, you are a Powerlifter then the log press can be substituted for barbell press but for Strongmen who want to train Strongman events then the necessary equipment will be required.

  • Is the program customised to me?

    It is and it isn't. It is a pre-written programming structure with a undulating style. The way the program is wrote gives multiple options and pathways so your decisions and weights hit will mould into the next weeks. 2 people could run this program and end up with entirely different outcomes. Think of it like playing a video game such as Skyrim. You have all these choices and different outcomes based on how you play the game; that's how I envisaged MST Bot. MST Bot gives you choices on what to do and helps you get the most out of the program.

  • How many days per week is the program?

    The program is written to be a 4 day training week. You can split this up to fit your schedule. If you train 3 days per week, simply carry the 4th day over to the following week.

  • What if I have a competition coming up?

    Again, you could use this program to peak into a competition you would just need to make substitutes and common sense! If the program has you doing keg carries and you have sandbag in your upcoming comp, adjust the keg to a sandbag, same with log. If you have a axle in your Competition follow the same programming structure just adjust the implement. Obviously a deload will not be there before the comp as the system will not know you are competing! So again adjusting to your own 7 day deload before competition will work out just fine.

  • How do I access MST Bot?

    The program is delivered via TrueCoach on a week-by-week basis, so each week is released to you to start every Monday. Access details will be provided to the email address used upon purchase.

  • I already have a TrueCoach account, can I use that?

    If you account is linked to the same email address you used at payment and isn't already assigned to a coach then you can use it. If you have a coach assigned then you will have to ask your coach to assign you over to our TrueCoach, or simply create a new TrueCoach account with a new email address and let us know to use that account.

  • How are subscription payments handled?

    Subscriptions are managed via Stripe. A secure third party payment provider. When you sign up to MST Bot, you will be redirected to Stripe's payment portal to confirm your payment. After your free trial to MST Bot, Stripe will manage the recurring payment.

    You can cancel the payment at any time via the Subscription portal or your account area if you sign up for an MST Systems account.

  • How do I cancel?

    You can cancel your MST Bot subscription at any time and your access will be revoked at the end of your current payment term. You can cancel via your account area. Logging in will link your MST Bot subscription to your email address, or you can access the subscription portal which can be accessed on the Manage Subscription page using your Stripe Customer Id and order number, which can be found in the confirmation you received when you signed up.

  • MST Bot Refund

    *We are offering a full refund after your 3rd month with us if you are not satisfied for whatever reason with the service. If you are on the 30 day free trial, and then stay on for two subsequent months you will receive a refund for the 2 months that are paid if you cancel within the 3rd month and request cancellation in writing. If you cancel before the 3 months is up i.e. cancel in the second month, then you waive any rights to receive a refund. Signing up for MST Bot means you agree to the refund terms. Offer is valid once per customer.