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Online Coaching and Bespoke Programming

MST Systems offers customised bespoke programming and online coaching for Strongman and Powerlifting. Programs are tailored to your goals and availability as well as what equipment is available to you. 

All programs are individually written and aren't cookie cutter templates given to every client. Each client has their own goals and the programs reflect that.

MST Systems is a unique and advanced training system developed with years of experience. It's a training system that many of you will not have experienced before and that's what can be so beneficial about it; if you are an advanced athlete using MST Systems for the first time you will be subjected to a new style of training and stimulus, which alone can give you increases in strength gains.

Founded in 2016 by Shane Jerman, hundreds of athletes since then have used MST Systems and gone on to smash their own personal goals and exceeding their own expectations at the same time.

Whatever your goal, MST Systems can work for you - from personal goals to all levels of competition. Powerlifters, Strongman/Strongwoman competitors are all using MST Systems to pursue their goals. 

MST Systems custom online training programs work on fortnightly updates, a 2 week training phase is put in place and delivered using a app called true coach. You will give feedback on the app and upload videos to the main exercises you perform. After 2 weeks these are reviewed, we will have a catch up conversation to discuss the previous 2 weeks and alterations and updates will be made based on the outcome of the last 2 weeks. The program style is a hybrid undulating periodization method, a blend of many different approaches into one unique programming style, so no 2 weeks will be the same.

Online coaching prices start from £90 per month. There's also upfront payment options: Pay 6 months up front and get 1 month free, or pay 12 months up front and get 2 months free (price dependent on which coach you request, please enquire for further details on upfront payments).

Client spaces are limited so the service can be kept to a level deemed high and professional, so unfortunately not every enquiry can be accepted.

If you are interested in joining, register your interest via the Client Intake page if you are serious about joining. Please make sure you read all available information on coaching and are happy with everything. Unfortunately we don't have the time to answer everyone's questions about online coaching when the information is so readily available.

You can also take advantage of the MST Systems style of programming via the MST Bot. The ultimate low cost strength programming by a World Class strength coach and scientifically backed mobility and injury toolbox. Or checkout MST Systems eBooks for specific training programs.

Luke Richardson, MST Systems Athlete

Learn why Luke Richardson chose MST Systems for his Strongman coaching, and has since become Europe's Strongest Man 2020 and a World's Strongest Man 2020 finalist as an MST Systems athlete


Price Options



  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Shane
  • Not currently taking on new clients
  • Price on enquiry


£120 month

  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Flash
  • Available for new clients
  • Pay 6 months up front, get 1 month free
  • Pay 12 months up front, get 2 months free


£100 month

  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Kurtis
  • Not currently taking on new clients
  • Pay 6 months up front, get 1 month free
  • Pay 12 months up front, get 2 months free

The Coaches

Shane Jerman

Daniel Ashcroft

Kurtis Cusimano

Shannon Peters