1-to-1 Coaching

Shane Jerman

MST Systems founder, coach and athlete. Shane has over 10 years experience, has held numerous world records and competed in Strongman globally during that time, founded MST Systems in 2016. MST Systems was created to fill a void in Strongman coaching, where the application of strength and conditioning methods weren't being applied to help athletes become better strongmen.

Fully bespoke and personalised training programmes, scientifically backed and supported.

Athletes have achieved countless achievements all over the world with MST Systems.

Mark Felix

Lucy Underdown

Luke Richardson

Graham Hicks

Mathew Ragg

Andy Black

What we offer

Fully bespoke and customised programming packages built specifically for your goals and fit the results you want. Here's what you can expect from MST Systems

  • Options to work short or long term - pay upfront for a 12 week comp prep, or monthly payments for long term coaching
  • Individual programming for competition peaks or off-season training
  • 1-to-1 video call check ins for feedback and training updates
  • We understand circumstances can change - adjustments to plans to work around injuries, competitions changes etc.
  • Access to a huge team of experts that Shane has build relationships with over the years
  • Access to hundreds of different training systems and phases that can be tailored specifically to you
  • Performance focused nutrition
  • WhatsApp direct contact
  • Longevity focused PED direction - (Not PED coaching/selling/advice)
  • Blood work analysis and health marker tracking for PEDs and performance
  • In-depth technique breakdown and analysis on check-ins
  • Structural balance assessments
  • Gait assessments


1-to-1 Coaching

from £175 per month

  • Custom online programming
  • Strongman/Strongwoman coaching
  • Powerlifting coaching
  • 1-on-1 feedback provided

Overhead Press

from £120 per month

  • Overhead Press only coaching
  • Maximise your log press
  • In-depth technical analysis
  • Guaranteed to improve your pressing

MST Systems App

Bring your training to the next level with the MST Systems App! 

Access over 250 exercises for you to build your own personal programmes, or access pre-built MST Systems programmes, with an experts section for education on supplements and injury rehab as well as how-to guides on how to get the most out of the app.

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