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Powerlifting Coaching by MST Systems

MST Systems Powerlifting coaching is designed for all levels of athlete. We currently work with recreational gym goers, and from novice competitors up to elite level athletes. We offer the same exceptional level of coaching regardless of your ability.

Take advantage of MST Systems and improve strength across the board to improve your competition total or just smash your next gym PB.

Clients are using MST Systems programs to constantly push themselves to the next level and achieving their maximum potential, backed by their testimonials. 

With our online coaching for powerlifting, you will get individualised and bespoke programming weekly and a platform to upload and receive feedback, constant 1-to-1 contact for any questions, queries or general updates to training, and access to the advanced and unique training methods of MST Systems.

Suitable for any level of athlete. Elite athletes have also benefited from these training cycles. As these training methods are quite unique, you will be subjected to new training stimulus which alone can not only increase strength, but improve technique as well.

These customised training programs are tailored perfectly for you as an individual based on your level, goals and even down to the equipment that's available to you at your training facility. These aren't just copy and paste templates provided to all athletes, but countless hours go in to looking at each client's weekly progress to keep progressing them through the training block.

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Checkout MST Systems Ebooks for pre-built training programs using the unique style of programming offered by MST Systems


Price Options


£150 month

  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Shane
  • Not currently taking on new clients


£120 month

  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Flash
  • Not currently taking on new clients


£100 month

  • Coaching, programming and 1-to-1 updates from Kurtis
  • Not currently taking on new clients

The Coaches

Shane Jerman

Daniel Ashcroft

Kurtis Cusimano

Shannon Peters