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Strongman Coaching by MST Systems

Competitive Strongman/Strongwoman or just wanting to pick up Strongman training to improve your functional strength?

Strongman coaching and training programs with MST Systems are backed with a combined 20 years of coaching and athletic experience from MST Systems coaches. 

Strongman coaching by MST Systems will not only improve strength in each event/lift, but make you a more well rounded Strongman athlete in general.

Our Strongman/Strongwoman clients are constantly excelling in the sport, qualifying for the Strongman Games and reaching the World Strongest Man finals, as well as others competing across the country at national qualifiers and finals events. 

We'll not only focus on improving functional strength across each events, but also on endurance and stamina as well as constantly improving static strength.

No matter what level you are, whether your just starting out your Strongman journey, or wanting to peak for your next competition; MST Systems can offer you the perfecting training program using our advanced and unique methods to take your training to the next level.

Strongman coaching with MST Systems will get you setup on a platform to receive your weekly program on; an individual program that's custom to you alone based on your current level and goals. These aren't just copy and paste templates provided to all athletes, but countless hours go in to looking at each client's weekly progress to keep progressing them through the training block.

To become an MST Systems online coaching client, visit the client intake page.

Visit our Coaching page to see what levels of packages we offer. Whether you are looking for a competition peak, a single lift peak or just some off season programming, we can offer a package to you!

MST Systems App

Bring your training to the next level with the MST Systems App! 

Access over 250 exercises for you to build your own personal programmes, or access pre-built MST Systems programmes, with an experts section for education on supplements and injury rehab as well as how-to guides on how to get the most out of the app.

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MST Systems eBooks for pre-built training programs using the unique style of programming offered by MST Systems.

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Free 8 Week Beginners Strongman Program

Written and created for beginners to Strongman as an introductory program in to the world of Strongman/Strongwoman training. If you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter or average gym goer and are thinking of getting involved with Strongman training, then this is the perfect beginner Strongman program for you!

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  • Not available for new clients
  • Single lift, competition or off season prep packages

The Coaches

Shane Jerman

Daniel Ashcroft

Kurtis Cusimano

Shannon Peters