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Become an MST Systems Certified Coach with the Strongman Coaching Academy. This course will cover everything in how to setup a successful coaching business as well as how to coach Strongman/Strongwoman with the same unique coaching style as MST Systems.

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The MST Systems Online Course is an in-depth 6 part course that covers everything from how to setup a successful coaching business to teaching you how to coach and program Strongman/Strongwoman athletes. You will be learning the exact methodology used by MST Systems, the same programming style that Strongman athletes have used to win Europe's Strongest Man, and compete at World's Strongest Man as well as other high level Strongman comps. 

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What you will learn:

  • Communicate with your clients in a way that builds trust and respect
  • Create effective and impactful training programs that guarantee results
  • How to effectively coach various levels of athletes
  • Develop essential coaching skills and increase awareness in the industry
  • Implement a valuable set of perspectives and coaching models
  • Cultivate self-awareness, self-discipline and self-confidence

The course itself covers the below modules:

Module 1: The Log Press

The course starts off with the log press. You are going to learn, in detail, absolutely everything about the movement i.e. different log sizes, brands, why everyone should log press, detailed breakdown of the various stages of the movement and how body types play a huge role. Also included is a lesson completely dedicated to how to program the log press the MST Systems way and build world record log press strength!

Module 2: Moving Events

The moving events module covers all things moving, such as the farmers walk, yoke walk, Conans wheel, front carries and much more! The module covers various levels of athletes too, providing detailed breakdowns for both Strongman/Strongwoman application to teach you everything you need to know about the moving events. 

Module 3: Overheard Press

Whilst the log press got a whole module to itself, this one covers the other overhead press events such as axle press. Digging deeper in to different techniques such as different clean techniques, looking at the split jerk, push pressing. Also covered in this module is dumbbell press, block presses, and odd objects. Basically every overhead press variant!

Module 4: Events

In this module, we will cover the other Strongman events to finish off the exercise modules. Detailed breakdowns on the hows and whys of programming these events, and how to teach your clients to absolutely love them! The squat and deadlift events are also included in this module, and how to apply them to Strongman.

Module 5: General Population & Athlete Application

Now that you've reached module 5, and your knowledge of the Strongman events and exercises are already world class, it's time to learn how to apply all of that to your clients' programming to get them completely hooked and fall in love with this new style of training they will be doing. 

Module 6: MST Systems Programming

Finish off the course with learning all the secrets and unique training methods used by MST Systems. The same secrets used to coach some of the strongest and most proficient humans on planet! Nothing held back here. If you learn everything in this module, you will be able to take any Strongman/Strongwoman to the next level.

Bonus Content

As a bonus, you will be able to take away ready made templates for triphasic programs, log press peaks and much much more! This section will be constantly updated, so as part of the academy you will receive all future updates completely free!


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