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Ultimate Strongman Training App

Bring your Strongman training to the next level with the MST Systems App. 100% fully customisable programming, guiding you through your off-season and competition peak training with cycling phases of maximal strength, rep strength, technique/execution and specific event skill work.


Unlimited Potential

Brought to you by Pro Strongman Coach Shane Jerman, the MST Systems is a revolutionary training system which uniquely blends many different proven methods together, to create the ultimate all around strength athlete.

This very system is now available all within the app, right at your finger tips! Build a programme based on your goals, and current training cycle. With over 250 exercises to choose from, you can build and customise your program to exactly how you want it.

Programmes can be built for competition peaking, or off-season training with all workouts customised entirely by yourself or choose from one of many pre-built MST Systems programs - carefully curated 8 week training phases ranging from full competition peaks or more specific lift peaks such as deadlift or log press. 

These same training methods are being used by World's Strongest Man athletes Luke Richardson, Mark Felix, Shane Flowers and Ken McClelland and also used by Lucy Underdown, the first female to deadlift 300kg!

I'm new to Strongman and wasn't sure what the best program would be for me. After subscribing, I spent time going through Shane's how-to videos and FAQ section in the app and was able to build the perfect Strongman training program for me.

Liam H

Manage and Track Your Workouts

Run your own customised programmes, or choose from the pre-built MST Systems phases, which guarantee you results. 

Workouts are given to you in a clear, easy to read fashion for you to follow and flag as complete to track the sessions you've done. The app also provides health tracking for you to track certain markers such as sleep, nutrition, rest and hydration before starting your session to help track your performance over time. 

There's 100% flexibility within the app - if you think a programme isn't working for you and want something different or think you need a deload, then swap it out for an appropriate programme to switch to.


The MST Systems app is fantastic. I built my own programme and did my first session and it was excellent. MST Bot was great, but the app is so much better.

Cameron W

Learn From Experts

Learn from experts you can trust. 

CNSport will be giving the latest advice on recommendations on all things supplements and what his go-to ones are for strength training. CNSport is a highly respected and established supplement company run by Conor Neilly. As part of your subscription, you also get a 10% discount code on all orders from CNSport!

Chris Knott of Anthropometrix is providing a huge library of movement preps and injury rehab videos straight to the app. Perfect for keeping you at the top of your game and injury free whilst training.

And so much more...

MST Systems app comes loaded with features and workouts that most top-level coaches can't offer, and will constantly be evolving to be bigger and better with already a tonne of features in the pipeline. 

It's also suitable for Powerlifting and Powerbuilding. Exercises can be easily chosen specific to Powerlifting, so if you're wanting to increase your powerlifting total or just have a fun off-season adding on some size, we have a programme for you.

Subscription Plans

We offer various subscription payment plans. All subscriptions are handled securely via Stripe and will be billed after your 7 day free trial.

7 day trials only valid once per customer.


£29.99 billed monthly

  • 7 day free trial
  • Build your own programme
  • Articles on PEDs, supplements and nutrition
  • Access pre-built MST Systems programmes


£84.99 billed quarterly

  • 7 day free trial
  • 5% discount over monthly option
  • All benefits of monthly
  • Equivalent of £28.33/month


£159.99 billed bi-annually

  • 7 day free trial
  • 10% discount over monthly option
  • All benefits
  • Equivalent of £26.66/month


£299.99 billed annually

  • 7 day free trial
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • Free goodie bag from CNSport*
  • Equivalent of £24.99/month

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the app available on?

    The app is available on both Android and iOS

    App Store Link

    Play Store Link

  • How many days per week are the programmes?

    They're all 4 days a week each. We feel for Strongman training, 4 days is a perfect split to fit your workouts in and an events training day. You can do these workouts in any order that fits you best.

  • CNSport Goodie Bag

    For annual subscriptions, receive a free goodie bag + t-shirt from CNSport worth £30. We'll email you shortly after we've received your subscription to ask for t-shirt size. 


    *only available for UK subscriptions

  • How do I sign up?

    Subscribe to the app on this page. You will create (or login if you have an account) to your MST Systems account, which will be used to login to the app once you have subscribed.

  • Can a beginner use this?

    The MST Systems App is suitable for all levels of lifters. There's programmes in the apps suitable for beginners, and ranging up for advanced lifters. New pre-built programmes are constantly being added too.

  • I'm a Powerlifter, can I use the app?

    You can, but one of the days is specific for event days, but you select workouts in here that you think will suit you best.

  • How do I access the app?

    When you subscribe, you register an account on the website. These account details will also be used to access the app. You can then manage your subscription from your account area on the website.

  • I used MST Bot, can I still use TrueCoach?

    Unfortunately not. The app is an evolution of MST Bot. Whilst MST Bot was a huge success, we were very limited with what we envisaged with a subscription based Strongman training program, so decided to create an app!

  • I'm still running MST Bot. Can I stay on there?

    We've closed down MST Bot, so everyone who was on there will need to move over to the app if they wish to take advantage of MST Systems. All users who had an active MST Bot subscription as of February 2022 should have received a personal discount code to use for the MST Systems App subscription.

  • Is there a trial?

    All new customers receive a 7 day trial to the app. When you subscribe, no payment is taken until after the 7 day trial. 

    This trial is only available once per customer and not valid with other offers/discounts.

  • How do I cancel?

    You can access your subscription portal from within your account area on the website. You can cancel at any time.

  • I've found a bug/I need help with the app

    If you'd like to submit feedback or need help, use the Contact Page and choose the App Feedback/Support option.