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Ultimate Strongman Training App

Bring your Strongman training to the next level with the MST Systems App. 100% fully customisable programming, guiding you through your off-season and competition peak training with cycling phases of maximal strength, rep strength, technique/execution and specific event skill work.




  • Access constantly evolving pre-built programmes for Strongman and Powerlifting
  • Craft your perfect 8-week programme in just 10 minutes with our intuitive builder
  • Choose from 300+ tried and tested exercises tailored to Strongman and Powerlifting
  • Customise your programme to target your specific needs
  • Get expert guidance on the right way to train for success
  • Educational section packed full of content from industry experts including supplementation and mobility/rehab advice
  • Join our exclusive Facebook group for direct feedback and support from Shane and the community
  • 7 day free trial - payment taken after your trial finishes


Introducing the culmination of over 15 years of dedication and expertise: the World's FIRST-EVER Strongman Coaching App!

Craft your personalised 8-week program in just 10 minutes flat. You call the shots - select your exercises and apply progression protocols tailored to YOUR goals.

Short on time? No problem! With a single click, access our tried-and-tested pre-written plans, endorsed by legendary athletes like 17-time WSM competitor Mark Felix, Britain's Strongest Woman Lucy Underdown, Europe’s Strongest Man Luke Richardson, and many more.

Featuring over 300 of our favorite Strongman-specific exercises and 200 unique training protocols, the possibilities are endless. You could program yourself for the next 30 years without repeating a single workout!

Don't settle for generic programs - bring your training up to the next level with the MST Systems App.

Absolute gamechanger for Strongman programming. The freedom to train whatever you want, with the safety of knowing you're following world class training protocols

Cameron W



Unlock Your Strongest Self with MST Systems App! 

Our members are achieving incredible results by tailoring programs to their unique needs, including:

  • Breaking plateaus
  • Smashing personal bests
  • Enhancing conditioning
  • Winning competitions
  • Building a rock-solid off-season foundation

And much more!

With a diverse range of pre-built programs and customisable phases, our app caters to every individual requirement. Whether you're gearing up for competition, addressing weaknesses, improving mobility, or starting your strength journey, we've got you covered.

Get personalised coaching without breaking the bank! Try our 7-day FREE trial now. Click the link in our bio to join the MST Systems team today

I'm new to Strongman and wasn't sure what the best program would be for me. After subscribing, I spent time going through Shane's how-to videos and FAQ section in the app and was able to build the perfect Strongman training program for me.

Liam H


Watch the in-depth video explaining how the programme builder works, with Shane going through a step-by-step process on building an 8 week programme and how you can use it to get the most out of your training.

The programme builder is an advanced tool allowing you to create your own unique and individualised training plan specifically for you. You'll never build the same programme twice!


  • Novice or advanced, our app caters to all levels of experience. With customisable features, anyone can benefit from its training capabilities.
  • Wondering how to reach your first 200kg or 400kg deadlift? We've meticulously crafted hundreds of training protocols for every exercise and variation. Whether you're aiming for 200kg or 400kg, we've tailored the app to suit your specific needs.
  • Discover how to peak your deadlift while maintaining your axle press for competition. Whatever your situation, our app has you covered with comprehensive solutions.
  • From competition peaking to setting new personal records, our app offers world-class strength protocols for every scenario you'll encounter throughout your Strongman career.




12-Week Off-Season Powerlifting Phase 
Lay the groundwork for strength gains during the off-season with our meticulously crafted 12-week plan. This phase focuses on progressive overload and hypertrophy, targeting key muscle groups with compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. With structured programming and tailored accessory work, you'll build a solid foundation for peak performance.

8-Week Powerlifting Peak 
Transition seamlessly from off-season training to competition readiness with our specialised 8-week peak phase. This phase employs intensity and volume manipulation to maximise strength gains and fine-tune technique. Through strategic tapering and peaking strategies, you'll be primed to hit new personal bests on competition day.

Grip Strength Enhancement Phases
Develop an iron grip essential for Strongman events with our dedicated grip strength enhancement phases. These plans target forearm and hand strength through specific exercises like farmer's walks, axle deadlifts, and pinch grip variations. Strengthening your grip will not only enhance performance in Strongman events but also improve overall lifting proficiency.

Restoration and Recovery Phases
Prioritise injury prevention and longevity with our restoration and recovery phases. These plans incorporate mobility drills, flexibility exercises, and active recovery techniques to alleviate muscle tension, enhance flexibility, and promote overall well-being. By incorporating these phases into your training regimen, you'll ensure longevity in your Strongman journey while optimising performance.

And many, many more...


  • Programmes for all levels of athletes
  • Start off with our introductory Strongman programme included in the app
  • Learn the fundamentals and let us guide you on how to start your path to becoming skilled in Strongman
  • In-depth videos to show you how to optimally execute movements
  • Go from beginner to your first competition with the MST Systems App

Subscription Plans

We offer various subscription payment plans. All subscriptions are handled securely via Stripe and will be billed after your 7 day free trial.

7 day trials only valid once per customer.


£29.99 billed monthly

  • 7 day free trial
  • Build your own programme
  • Articles on PEDs, supplements and nutrition
  • Access pre-built MST Systems programmes
  • Facebook group access


£84.99 billed quarterly

  • 7 day free trial
  • 5% discount over monthly option
  • All benefits of monthly
  • Equivalent of £28.33/month
  • Facebook group access


£159.99 billed bi-annually

  • 7 day free trial
  • 10% discount over monthly option
  • All benefits
  • Equivalent of £26.66/month
  • Facebook group access


£299.99 billed annually

  • 7 day free trial
  • 12 months for the price of 10
  • All benefits
  • Facebook group access

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the app available on?

    The app is available on both Android and iOS

    App Store Link

    Play Store Link

  • What equipment will I need?

    The majority of the programmes will be able to be run in any gym as long as there's there essentials there. For Strongman events you will need access to a well equipped Strongman gym. Fortunately, the MST Systems Gym Finder page can help you find your closest gym

  • Can I join the MST Systems App Facebook group?

    The Facebook group is an exclusive group for app subscribers only. It offers a place to learn how to get the most out the app, live Q&A sessions with Shane, direct contact with Shane to get feedback on programmes you've built, or get help in building the perfect programme for yourself.

    You will receive a link to join the group once you've subscribed.

  • How many days per week are the programmes?

    They're all 4 days a week each. We feel for Strongman training, 4 days is a perfect split to fit your workouts in and an events training day. You can do these workouts in any order that fits you best.

  • How do I sign up?

    Subscribe to the app on this page. You will create (or login if you have an account) to your MST Systems account, which will be used to login to the app once you have subscribed.

  • Can I change my payment date?

    If you contact us via the contact page, we can change your payment date your subscription is taken on to a more preferable date

  • Can a beginner use this?

    The MST Systems App is suitable for all levels of lifters. There's programmes in the apps suitable for beginners, and ranging up for advanced lifters. New pre-built programmes are constantly being added too.

  • I'm a Powerlifter, can I use the app?

    Yes! There's pre-built programmes specifically for powerlifting i.e. The 12 week powerlifting off-season block is proving to be very popular. 

    You can also build your own programme centred around powerlifting and can remove the Strongman specific elements that aren't relevant to your training.

  • How do I access the app?

    When you subscribe, you register an account on the website. These account details will also be used to access the app. You can then manage your subscription from your account area on the website.

  • I used MST Bot, can I still use TrueCoach?

    Unfortunately not. The app is an evolution of MST Bot. Whilst MST Bot was a huge success, we were very limited with what we envisaged with a subscription based Strongman training program, so decided to create an app!

  • Is there a trial?

    All new customers receive a 7 day trial to the app. When you subscribe, no payment is taken until after the 7 day trial. 

    This trial is only available once per customer and not valid with other offers/discounts.

  • How do I cancel?

    You can access your subscription portal from within your account area on the website. You can cancel at any time.

  • I've found a bug/I need help with the app

    If you'd like to submit feedback or need help, use the Contact Page and choose the App Feedback/Support option.