MST Systems - Log Press Programme

Claim your free copy of the world's best ever log programme, guaranteed to give you a new 1RM log press in 12 weeks!

And on top of that, you'll not only dramatically increase your maximal strength, but also improve your shoulder stability, log press skill and force production!


Struggling with log press?

This tried and tested strength system was used by Shane Jerman to bench press 240kg and strict log 190kg at 90kg bodyweight as well as over 10 MST Systems' athletes using it to strict press 180kg+. Now it's available to you for free!

The Programme

The goal of this programme is to:

  • Build incredible efficiency in the log press movement pattern
  • Train with technical perfection and engrain the perfect pressing positions
  • Perfect each rep as you learn the skill of specific repeatability
  • 12 weeks of shoulder stability work to extract strength from your joints from their fullest potential
  • Turn those lettuce leaf triceps into powerful pistons

The first 3 weeks are high frequency/low intensity, so that you'll be super comfortable with the clean and press at any weight, with zero energy leakage. You will also have an increase in proprioception, that will have your log press feeling effortless - no more missing reps through poor form!

Through the specific repeatability, you will become a robot with the log and be confident that you will clean and press each rep perfectly!

One of the key aspects that differs MST Systems from the rest is that we don't ignore any part of the kinetic chain, and this includes giving joints the love they need. This is where the 12 weeks of shoulder stability work comes in. Bad shoulder health limits your their ability to express maximal strength. We programme shoulder stability like it's going out of fashion, and your shoulders will thank us.

Getting the most out of this programme

This programme is for anyone wanting to develop their log press. Ideally you will already be technically proficient in the movement, however the programme does include a 3 week skill acquisition/development block, so this will help those who aren't the most proficient, and will help re-enforce the movement for the rest of the programme.

This programme is designed to slot into a normal training week. We would advise using this programme as your two main press sessions for each week. The loads and intensity shouldn't affect your deadlift, squat or Strongman events day. The aerobic aspects of this programme will hopefully develop some good adaptations and improve recovery across all your training.

Get the programme

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