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MST Systems is proud to offer a free 8 Week Strongman Program. Written and created for beginners to Strongman as an introductory program in to the world of Strongman/Strongwoman training. If you're a bodybuilder, powerlifter or average gym goer and are thinking of getting involved with Strongman training, then this is the perfect beginner Strongman program for you!


The Strongman/Strongwoman scene is moving from strength-to-strength (no pun intended) at the moment, and is as popular as ever. Shows and competitions are getting bigger and better, athletes are getting stronger, and we want to help those who want to get involved with the sport! 

The Program

The purpose of this program is to introduce and transition you in to a Strongman/Strongwoman! This is a beginner program. During this 8 week block, you will improve your deadlift technique, your form on push press and squat, as well as introduce you to the main events often seen in the televised Strongman shows. This is an insanely high quality program, incredibly in-depth and clocking in at over 70 pages, and all 100% free!

This program will get you used to functional strength training; teaching you how to run with farmers frames and yoke, picking up and loading atlas stones, and teaching you how to log press.

This is not a peaking program, so don't aim or plan to run this program hoping to hit a tonne of new PBs at the end of it. However, while you will get stronger, the main goal of this program is to teach you how to lift like a Strongman and execute the lifts effectively and efficiently. It lines you up perfectly to then move on to a long term training plan, be it with MST Systems, or our MST Systems App, or finding your own Strongman coach.

Whilst it's also a beginner program, you will need some prior experience! The weights used in the program are based off your current 1 rep max weights and focuses a lot on percentage work and RPE work, so something to keep in mind!

This is a 4 day training program, with one day being dedicated to the Strongman events.

Getting the most out of this program

To get the most out of this program you will need access to a Strongman training facility that offers all the equipment for the events training day outlined in the program. 

Strongman events that you will be training in this program:

  • Atlas Stone(s)
  • Farmers frames
  • Yoke
  • Log 

MST Systems has a Strongman gym map page to help you find your closest facility that can offer all the Strongman equipment needed to run this program effectively. The other 3 training days you will just need access to the usual equipment for deadlifting, squats, overhead press etc and a few machines for some accessory movements.

Get the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this program free?

    Yes, 100% free! We want to offer people the chance to get involved with Strongman/Strongwoman.

  • What training split is this?

    The program is a 4 day training program. It doesn't have any set days, so allows you to structure your training week however suits you best. 

  • What equipment do I need?

    For 3 of the days, you will just need access to standard gym equipment as you will be deadlifting, squatting, overhead pressing with some assistance exercise such as hamstring curls and lat pulldowns.

    The 4th day is the Strongman events day, and you will need access to more specialised equipment such as log press, atlas stones, yoke and farmers frames. 

    If your gym doesn't have these, then checkout the Strongman Gym map page to find your nearest gym that offers this equipment.

  • Can I peak for a competition with this?

    Not really, no. While beginners will get stronger and become more technically proficient with the movements, it's not written to peak your strength. 

  • I'm a complete beginner, can I run this program?

    If you are fairly new to training, then you may struggle with the volume and intensity in the program. A lot of the weights used are based off percentages of your current 1 rep maxes as well, so we do ask that you have some idea of where your current strength levels are at.

  • I already train Strongman, is this program for me?

    It can be! The main aim for the program is to get people technically proficient with the movements. People with some Strongman training experience may pick up some new tips and advice on how to train certain events.

    It's a free program, give it a try and see what you think!

  • How do I add my gym to the Strongman gym map page?

    There's a form to submit the details on the map page itself. Head on over to it and send the details in and we'll get it added. It needs to be a suitable Strongman gym and have the necessary equipment for the main Strongman events i.e. log press, farmers frames, yoke etc.