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Our eBooks use the same MST Systems programming style used by all our athletes i.e. Mark Felix, Lucy Underdown, Andy Black, Shane Flowers, to name a few! 

Not only do our eBooks guarantee you a new PB, but you'll also receive great and profound physiological adaptations to carry over to all your other lifts and training. Our programmes also train all energy systems to systematically improve you as an athlete through increased adaptations in creatine phosphate, glucose based and aerobic energy systems making you a better, well-rounded Strongman athlete! 

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Want to get started in Strongman? Then grab our free 8 week Strongman program designed specifically for beginners looking to get into the sport

Free 8 Week Strongman Programme

The Female Guide

The Female Guide to First Exposure. Your must read guide if you're thinking of making the jump to PEDs as a female strength athlete.

The Female Guide

Free 12 Week Log Press Programme

Struggling to progress your log press and want to set a new 10-20kg log press PB? Click the link below to claim your free 12 week log press programme!

Free 12 Week Log Press Programme

Free 6 Week Bench Programme

The program will take you through two phases, both 3 weeks in length. The first phase is the eccentric phase, and through timed and controlled tempo reps, will increase muscle fiber recruitment, help reinforce bar path and positioning and strengthen tendons laying the foundation to transition in to the second phase.

Free 6 Week Bench Press Programme

Free 6 Week Squat Programme

The famous MST Systems 6 week squat programme, labelled the "Smolov killer". Click the link below to grab your free copy, and add 20-40kg on to your squat in 8 weeks!

Free 6 Week Squat Programme

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