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Grab your free copy of the 6 week MST Systems bench press programme. This programme is the same one used by one of the UK's top bench pressers, James Williams, used to bench press 272.5kg/600lbs. The eBook outlines everything needed for the 6 weeks including all accessory work and technique work as well.

For Powerlifters and Strongmen

Bring your bench press up to the next level with the MST Systems 6 week bench program! Not only will you improve your bench press, but the techniques and the physiological adaptations will carry over to your other lifts, too.

The Programme

The program will take you through two phases, both 3 weeks in length. The first phase is the eccentric phase, and through timed and controlled tempo reps, will increase muscle fiber recruitment, help reinforce bar path and positioning and strengthen tendons laying the foundation to transition in to the second phase.

The isometric phase concentrates on increasing strength at the weakest point of your bench press technique. By using isometric pauses, this helps strengthen your weak points whilst also improving overall strength.

The MST Systems 6 week bench program includes:

  • Full 6 week training program
  • User manual guide on how to get the most out of the program
  • Accessory exercises included to also build muscle and improve shoulder health
  • Guaranteed results no matter your training level

MST Systems’ programs are tried and tested, and are suitable to help you peak for your next competition or setting new gym PBs.

These programs are developed with years of Powerlifting and Strongman coaching experience, with existing clients smashing their goals constantly and now you have access to the same programs.

Getting the most out of this programme

The programme doesn't require any specialised equipment, so everyone should be able to manage the main press work and the assistance! All that's required is a a barbell for the bench press exercise and some of the assistance work, and some dumbbells, again, for the assistance work.

For competitive powerlifters, it's recommended that every rep is a competition style rep i.e. competition pause on the chest before pressing, just to keep good habits. 

To get the most out of this programme, it's advised to be in a small calorie surplus, with high protein intake to aid in recovery between sessions and being able to perform at your best.

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