MST Systems - Squat Programme

Grab your free copy of the infamous MST Systems squat programme, known as the "Smolov killer". Full, in-depth 6 week programme which aims to add 20kg on to your squat total.

For Powerlifters and Strongmen

Add 20-40kg on to your squat in the next 6 weeks. The skills and adaptations you'll pick up on this programme will transfer over to your deadlifts, and also Strongman events such as yoke, as well as increasing your strength and work capacity across all static and moving events!

The Programme

This program covers everything you need over the 6 weeks to add kilos to your squat. This high frequency program will have you squatting 4 days a week, and is an extremely effective method. We would even go as far to say we would absolutely guarantee that if you follow the program exact, work hard in every session then you will 100% PB no matter what your level is.

The program works for different squat variations too. Whilst it is planned out to finish with a new low bar wrapped squat PB, you can substitute the wraps for knee sleeves (or naked knees if you're that way inclined - this is a judgement free zone), and swap out low bar for high bar if you like.

Warning: It is a BRUTAL training program. You WILL be doing 20RM squats twice in the first week of this program. If you're carrying any injuries, or niggles, we would not recommend starting this program. 

This program is for someone who is already technically proficient with their back squat. This program does not include anything to drill and reinforce technique. 

The MST Systems 6 week squat program includes:

  • Full, insanely detailed, 6 week training program
  • User manual guide and tips on how to get the most out of the program
  • Accessory exercises designed to keep your hips and lower back in prime condition
  • Video glossary demonstrating movements
  • Guaranteed results no matter your training level

MST Systems' programs are tried and tested, and used by athletes of all levels and capabilities. Elite level Strongman athletes such as Luke Richardson and Mark Felix use MST Systems for their own training.

These programs are developed with years of combined Strongman and Powerlifting coaching experience, and are specially designed to slot in alongside your current training program. The program advises on a training split, and how to structure it around your other training such as deadlifts.

Get the programme

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